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New Year New You!

Three New Year Resolutions To help you buy your dream home in 2024!

We know it’s always hard to keep your New Year resolutions – but when it comes to your future home, we think it’s worth putting in a little extra effort! Here are three resolutions we think you can maintain, ultimately leading you into a bright New Year!

1) Don’t fall in love at first sight! It’s easy to get caught up in a home’s exterior or flashy features – but don’t let that blind you from seeing a house for what it’s really worth – blemishes and all! Sure, the kitchen may have been outfitted with the latest appliances, but the ceiling water stains shouldn’t be overlooked.

2) Get pre-approved before you start shopping! Line-up your financing before setting one foot inside a house on the market – otherwise you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Sit down with a lender and have a lengthy discussion on what you can and can’t afford. Just because you’re approved by the bank for a certain amount doesn’t mean you can automatically live a certain lifestyle. Stay in your budget – your REAL budget – of what is feasible.

3) Easy on the pocketbooks. With the holiday season in full swing, we tend to go a little overboard doting on ourselves and loved ones. Makes sure to keep on top of your credit card debt and not miss major payments. These can count against you when it comes to not only getting approved for a loan, but also closing on your dream home.